Small to medium sized companies face the same issues as larger companies.  They might not be on the same scale or with the same frequency and complexity.  However, these issues must be addressed in a prudent and professional manner by experience management.

However, smaller companies might not need or be able to afford full time seasoned management.

GIP provides a solution by offering seasoned management on an interim or on-going outsourced basis.  GIP’s expertise comes from practical experience in small and medium sized companies in both executive and consulting roles.

Having been in CEO, COO, CFO, Board and other management positions over 35 years, John Hines has the ability to work directly with companies on strategic, financial and operating issues providing the seasoned management and direction needed.

By employing a senior executive on an interim or outsourced basis, companies receive the benefit of an experienced executive focusing on the important issues without having to absorb the cost of a full time management team.

John Hines has served as outsourced CFO, outsourced Internal Audit Manager, interim CFO, interim department manager and outsourced project manager.